April 25, 2024

💰 NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft Props

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Now let’s dive into the letter:

There have been some banger playoff games so far in the NBA. The game 2 matchups between LA and Denver and Philly and NY were bonkers. I hope you guys came out winning on those.

But whether you did or you didn’t, we’re here to help you on some picks going forward. And we have a few props for your on the NFL Draft as well - which kicks off tonight.

And for your soccer heads, we have some premier league matchups.

It’s a wonderful time for sports.

But my goodness, that buzzer beater…

MURRAY with the Buzzer Beater to win the game!!!


— AltitudeTV (@AltitudeTV)
Apr 23, 2024

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Let’s do some NBA and Premier League

  • NBA Playoff Matchups & Parlays
  • NBA Draft Props

NBA Playoff Matchups

The playoff basketball has been pretty great so far. We’ve had some great offense and defense on display, and we’ve even had some 90’s style basketball played between the Mavericks and Clippers.

So let’s get you some bets to make while you watch the killer matchups.

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers Game 3: Thur Apr. 25, 10:00pm EST

  • Denver Win ML (-105)
  • Under 216 (-115)

Overall Odds: +265, bet $10 to win $36.50

Our Thoughts:

  • The Denver Nuggets overcame a 19-point deficit to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers with Jamal Murray's buzzer-beater, marking their 10th consecutive victory in matchups against the Lakers, with prospects high for an 11th win in the upcoming game.
  • Despite an early lead, the Lakers faltered offensively and defensively in the latter half of the game, particularly struggling to handle Denver's key duo of Murray and Jokic. This weakness, combined with a lackluster supporting cast compared to the more balanced Nuggets, could lead to Denver securing a 3-0 series advantage in their next game.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns Game 3: Fri Apr. 26, 10:30pm EST

  • Phoenix Suns -4.0 (-110)
  • Over 208.0 (-105)

Overall Odds: +272, bet $10 to win $37.27

Our Thoughts:

  • The Minnesota Timberwolves have taken a 2-0 lead against the Suns, boasting top ratings in offense and defense this postseason, with Jaden McDaniels stepping up despite Anthony Edwards' struggles. They face their toughest challenge yet in Game 3, which could significantly advance their playoff ambitions.
  • Despite setbacks, including injuries to key shooter Grayson Allen, the Suns' experienced trio of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal is expected to intensify efforts in Game 3. Having previously overcome a 2-0 deficit, the Suns are poised to make a strong comeback, with expectations to perform better than their recent under-100 point games.

Clippers vs Mavericks Game 3: Fri Apr. 26, 8:00pm EST

  • Clippers +4.5 (-110)

Our Thoughts:

  • The Mavericks got the better of the Clippers in Game 2 with some fierce defense. We don’t believe they can keep this up in Game 3.
  • Another major factor - Kawhi had just returned form injury in Game 2, which threw off the Clippers offense from Game 1. He will be more integrated and will likely be able to pull off the win in Dallas.

NFL Draft

Did you know you can bet on which players will go where in the draft?

If you want to make a guaranteed bet, but win very little return for your investment, you might want to put that #1 pick going to Caleb Williams at -20000 odds.

But if you’re really feeling like taking a gamble, maybe you go against the consensus with the 5th or 10th pick. The draft boards are always shifting and a little bit unpredictable.

We all remember everyone mocking Mac Jones to the 49ers, when they ended up taking Trey Lance. I really hope someone didn’t lose their shirt on that one.

There are so many props out there, it’s pretty wild. You can even bet on Mr. Irrelevant’s position:

You can also bet the position of the player that your favorite team picks - if you think you know their GM well. Or just want to get into the nitty gritty with your bets.

Head on over to Bovada, get a $750 welcome bonus and bet your props now.

Meme Money


This Is too good. And too cold. Brutal Game 2 for Laker fans. I hope you guys won your bets at least.

Someone really said Jokic is Gru and the Lakers are his minions 😭

— NBA Memes (@NBAMemes)
Apr 24, 2024

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