February 3, 2024

And down goes Kentucky...

And down goes Kentucky...

I don't always bet on sports, but when I do, I prefer to win. And that’s why I read the bettor secrets newsletter.

Here’s what we've got today:

  • Lines of the week: NCAA Basketball March Madness in full swing
  • Game watch: Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings
  • News: Kentucky Men’s Basketball fall to Kansas State
  • Rumor Mill: Lamar Jackson to Colts?

Lines of the week:

This time of the year it’s all about March Madness. Let’s dive into the lines:


Top NBA games for March 21st, 2023

March Madness:

Upcoming NCAAM March Madness Games

Game Watch: Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings (NBA)

Get ready for an exciting match today between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings!

The Celtics, led by star player Jayson Tatum, are coming off a tough loss to the Utah Jazz and are looking to bounce back with a win on the road.

Meanwhile, the Kings, led by De'Aaron Fox & Domantas Sabonis, are hoping to follow up on their loss against the Jazz and keep the momentum of their amazing season going.

With both teams hungry for a victory, this game is sure to be a nail-biter! Tune in to see who will come out on top.

The odds for this game are as follows:

  • Boston Celtics (-4)
  • Sacramento Kings (+4)
  • Point spread: Boston -4 (-110), Sacramento +4 (-110)
  • Over/Under: O239.0 (-110), U239.0 (-110)

Boston is the number three seed in the East and is poised to make another big run in the NBA Playoffs.

Sacramento is having a historic season and hopes to keep the energy going by taking down the perennial powerhouse that is, The Boston Celtics.

Some interesting tidbits:

  • SAC: The Kings are shooting 49.8% from the floor, 2nd in the league
  • BOS: The Celtics are averaging 117.6 points per game, 4th in the league

If you’re feeling like a gambler - take a shot at Sacramento covering.

Who will win the NCAA tournament?

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News: Kansas St. takes down Kentucky in NCCA March Madness Tournament

Did you hear the catfight the other night?

Oh honey, have you heard the news?

The Kentucky Wildcats have fallen to the Kansas State Wildcats in stunning fashion. Kentucky came out strong with a solid lead, but Kansas State wasn't backing down without a fight.

The game was intense, with both teams fiercely battling it out on the court. It was a true nail-biter, with the score going back and forth until the very end.

In the end, Kentucky emerged victorious with a final score of 82-68. What a game!

Rumor Mill: Does it make sense for the Colts to make a trade for Lamar Jackson?

Brace yourselves, because these rumors are hotter than a quarterback in the pocket.

Reports have emerged that numerous teams have no interest in negotiating with Lamar Jackson since the Baltimore Ravens placed a nonexclusive franchise tag on the quarterback.

However, the Indianapolis Colts, who haven't had a quarterback start consecutive season openers since Andrew Luck in 2015-16, are reportedly interested in him.

If Jackson leaves Baltimore, there are reasons to believe the Colts would be a good fit, as owner Jim Irsay is intent on solving a quarterback problem that's defined Indianapolis for the past five years.

Although Jackson is reportedly looking for a fully guaranteed deal and is representing himself instead of hiring an agent, which would seemingly complicate negotiations, the Colts have not ruled out discussions with him.

There are compelling reasons for the Colts to investigate Jackson's availability. The Colts haven't had stability at quarterback, and landing Jackson would be the quickest route to closing the quarterback gap that the Colts currently face in their conference. It would be a more certain route than relying on a quarterback pick who might or might not pan out.

Big Winners: TCU covers at the Buzzer

We all know money won is much sweeter than money earned. At least in these circles. And especially for TCU fans.

Meme Money, No Problems


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