February 9, 2024

💰 Super Bowl Deep Dive

That’s Christian McCaffrey after his dad won the Super Bowl. Will history repeat itself?

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And here we go. The Super Bowl 58 is about to happen, Taylor Swift vs. E-40 for all the marbles.

Bettors plan to wager an estimated $23.1 billion on this year's Super Bowl, up from $16 billion last year, the American Gaming Association has predicted.

And we know you’ll be in that pool.

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Feb 6, 2024

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So, we’re going to focus on the Super Bowl here in this edition. Let’s dive in.

Super Bowl Bets, Parlays, Odds and Advice

That picture kind of sums it up.

This game may come down to:

  1. Chiefs defense vs the 49ers offense. Specifically Christian McCaffrey vs. the Chiefs D-Line.
  2. 49ers defense vs. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. 

So as a bettor, what does that mean?

If you think the 49ers can stop Travis Kelce, you should bet the 49ers spread and moneyline.

If you think the Chiefs defense can stop the 49ers offense and Brock Purdy, bet the Chiefs spread and moneyline.

Which, btw, here are the Super Bowl odds currently.




It seems like the early betting came in heavy on the Chiefs moneyline, however things have since evened out.

This movement suggests that both teams have attracted sharp money at different times, reflecting a mixed view among professional bettors and a competitive matchup.

The Westgate SuperBook, for example, saw its line move from San Francisco -2.5 down to -1 after receiving Kansas City money, only for it to bounce back up as San Francisco money came in later.

This indicates that while the public might lean towards Kansas City, larger bets have been placed on San Francisco, suggesting a belief in their superiority despite the close odds.

Circa Sports and BetMGM reported similar trends, with early sharp money on Kansas City shifting to San Francisco as the game nears.

In fact the sportsbooks have said as much, saying that they would stand to lose a significant amount if San Francisco wins.


  1. The anytime touchdown scorer parlay focuses on players like Travis Kelce, Isiah Pacheco, and Christian McCaffrey scoring touchdowns at any time during the game, leveraging their consistent performance and key roles in their respective teams' offenses​​.
  • Travis Kelce anytime touchdown (+100)
  • Isiah Pacheco anytime touchdown (-140)
  • Christian McCaffrey anytime touchdown (-240)
  1. A Super Bowl 58 parlay for a 49ers victory combines the San Francisco 49ers moneyline with the total game score going under 47.5 points and Brock Purdy achieving over 11.5 rushing yards, reflecting confidence in the 49ers' win and a strong defensive game​​.
  • San Francisco 49ers moneyline (-125)
  • Under 47.5 (-110)
  • Brock Purdy over 11.5 rushing yards (-110)
  1. The Super Bowl 58 ground game parlay emphasizes the rushing yards for key players like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and Patrick Mahomes, predicting a game where the ground attack plays a significant role​​.
  • Christian McCaffrey over 88.5 rushing yards
  • Deebo Samuel over 13.5 rushing yards
  • Patrick Mahomes over 14.5 rushing yards (-180)
  1. The Christian McCaffrey parlay focuses entirely on McCaffrey's performance, betting on his rushing yards, scoring a touchdown, and being the game's leading rusher, highlighting his pivotal role in the 49ers' offense​​.
  • Christian McCaffrey 35+ rushing yards each half
  • Christian McCaffrey 100+ rushing yards
  • Christian McCaffrey anytime touchdown
  • Christian McCaffrey most rushing yards
  1. The Travis Kelce parlay combines bets on the Chiefs winning, Kelce achieving over 70.5 receiving yards, making over 6.5 receptions, and leading in receiving yards, underscoring his importance to the Chiefs' passing game​​.
  • Chiefs moneyline (+125)
  • Travis Kelce over 70.5 yards
  • Travis Kelce over 6.5 receptions
  • Travis Kelce most receiving yards

More Parlays:

Here are Parlays you can find at specific sportsbooks:

Parlay 1:

  • Chiefs moneyline
  • Patrick Mahomes 2+ pass TD
  • Rashee Rice anytime TD

+400 at bet365

Parlay 2:

  • Chiefs moneyline
  • Brock Purdy Over 11.5 rushing yards
  • George Kittle Over 52.5 receiving yards

+553 FanDuel

Explanation: It is hard to bet against Mahomes, and this Kyle Shanahan led 49ers team has not beaten the tandem of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.

Purdy has been rushing quite a bit as of late, and it is very possible he will do so again in this game.

George Kittle, being the 3rd weapon on the 49rs depth chart (behind Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel) will likely have opportunities in the play action game.

Parlay 3:

  • George Kittle 50+ receiving yards
  • Deebo Samuel 50+ receiving yards
  • Deebo Samuel Over 13.5 rushing yards
  • Travis Kelce 70+ receiving yards

+1000 DraftKings


As we said above, Kittle will likely get loose in this one, and Deebo will be used in the short passing game.

Kelce is a force, he will likely get his.

Parlay 4:

  • Chiefs +3.5
  • Second half Under 23.5
  • Travis Kelce 60+ receiving yards
  • Christian McCaffrey 60+ rushing yards

+514 FanDuel


This Chiefs team is very solid, so betting their spread isn’t a bad bet.

The points will be hard to come by in the second half based on statistics.

Kelce and McCaffrey will likely both have big games. 

Meme Money, No Problems


As Chris Rock says, "While I don't agree, I understand".

Patrick Mahomes Sr. after 4 months trapped in a suite with Jackson Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes)
Feb 4, 2024

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