February 3, 2024

💰 Thanksgiving NFL Matchups 🦃

💰 Thanksgiving NFL Matchups 🦃


Welcome to Ballers, your guide to a triple-decker of Thanksgiving NFL betting excitement, tastier than grandma's secret stuffing recipe!

Put down that turkey baster and get ready for a day of pigskin action that's as essential to Thanksgiving as pumpkin pie.

This letter is all about the NFL matchups, some parlays to run while you’re making small talk with the in-laws or your Uncle.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your wagers be as successful as your turkey roast! 🍗

Here’s what we have for your weekend sports betting and entertainment needs:

  • Saturday College Football Parlays (Saturday Nov. 18)
  • NBA Parlays (Friday, Nov. 18)
  • NFL Sunday Picks and Parlays (Nov. 19)
  • Euro 2024 Picks/Specials

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Here’s a same-game parlay hot off the presses and ready to serve:


  • Lions -7.5 (-108)
  • David Montgomery over 68.5 rushing yards (-114)
  • Sam LaPorta over 45.5 receiving yards (-114)
  • Romeo Doubs over 37.5 receiving yards (-114)
  • Same Game Parlay odds: +912
  • Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers (-7.5, -110): The Lions, with an impressive 8-2 record and a strong home performance, are heavily favored against the struggling Packers, who have a 4-6 record and are missing key players like Aaron Jones and Luke Musgrave.
  • David Montgomery over 68.5 rushing yards (-114): Montgomery, the driving force of the Lions' offense, is expected to exceed 68.5 rushing yards against the Packers, who rank low in rushing defense.
  • Sam LaPorta over 45.5 receiving yards (-114): LaPorta is anticipated to surpass 45.5 receiving yards, given his average performance this season and the Packers' recent vulnerability to tight ends.
  • Romeo Doubs over 37.5 receiving yards (-114): With the Packers missing key players, wide receiver Doubs is likely to exceed 37.5 receiving yards, as he becomes a more crucial part of their offense.

Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys

Ok things should be getting steamy now.


  • Over 49 points (-108)
  • Brandin Cooks anytime TD scorer (+180)
  • Terry McLaurin anytime TD scorer (+290)
  • Parlay odds: +1100

Our Thoughts:

  1. Over 49 Points (-108): This game between the Commanders and Cowboys is expected to be high-scoring, with the Cowboys' potent offense likely to capitalize on Washington's weak defense.
  2. Brandin Cooks Anytime TD Scorer (+180): Cooks has become a key scorer for Dallas, with increasing touchdowns and opportunities, especially given Prescott's recent form and potential increased targets due to Lamb's injury.
  3. Terry McLaurin Anytime TD Scorer (+290): McLaurin, as Washington's leading receiver with significantly more targets than his teammates, has a good chance of scoring, despite the team's overall struggles.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Ok, the main course. The Seattle/San Francisco game should be interested. Here’s what we have on deck for a parlay.


  • 49ers -9.5 alternate spread (+130)
  • Brock Purdy under 266.5 passing & rushing yards (-110)
  • Christian McCaffrey over 33.5 receiving yards (-110)
  • Sam Game Parlay odds: +1025 with Unibet

Our Thoughts:

  1. San Francisco 49ers -9.5 Alternate Spread over Seattle Seahawks (+130): The 49ers are expected to win comfortably against the Seahawks, given their strong passing game and Seattle's quarterback Geno Smith dealing with an injury.
  2. Brock Purdy Under 266.5 Passing & Rushing Yards (-110): Despite Purdy's recent performance, it's predicted he'll stay under 266.5 combined passing and rushing yards against Seattle's defense, which has been effective against other notable quarterbacks.
  3. Christian McCaffrey Over 33.5 Receiving Yards (-110): McCaffrey is expected to exceed 33.5 receiving yards, given his increasing targets and consistent involvement in the 49ers' passing game.

Meme Money, No Problems


How do you not score a single point in the second half? Just brutal.

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