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New Jersey Online Betting Updates:

Updated March 3, 2024

Introduction to New Jersey's Online Sports Betting Market

Discover the vibrant world of sports betting in New Jersey, a pioneer in challenging the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). After a decade-long battle, May 2018 marked a historic victory when PASPA was overturned, paving the way for legalized sports betting across states.

New Jersey was at the forefront, quickly establishing a robust and mature sports betting landscape, offering both in-person and online wagering options. Explore the latest deals, gain insights into state-specific betting regulations, and learn how to bet smartly and safely in the Garden State.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Unlock Exclusive Deals with BetMGM New Jersey

Grab a special offer with BetMGM in New Jersey! Enjoy a 20% match on your deposit up to $1,500 in sports betting bonuses.

ESPN BET Arrives in New Jersey

November 14, 2023, marked ESPN BET's launch in New Jersey, introducing a thrilling opportunity for new bettors. Place any bet and receive $150 in bonus bets. For the full scoop on ESPN BET's promo codes and sign-up details, make sure to check our comprehensive review.

Top Betting Offers in New JerseyBetMGM:

Bet $5 on select games, receive $150 in bonus bets.


A $5 bet on certain matches could win you $150 in bonus bets.


Secure $150 in bonus bets with a $5 wager on featured games.


Get up to $1,000 back in bonus bets if your first wager doesn't win.

Navigating New Jersey’s Sports Betting Scene

Legal Landscape and Operator Insights

Since August 2018, New Jersey has welcomed bettors to a legal sports betting environment, thanks to Governor Phil Murphy's legislative action. With a rich array of sportsbooks like BetMGM, PointsBet, and ESPN BET, bettors have access to a wide selection of betting opportunities across major sports, albeit with restrictions on local college teams and events.

Where to Bet: Spotlight on Mobile Operators

New Jersey challenges Las Vegas with its expansive online sports betting offerings. The state's welcoming regulatory framework has attracted over a dozen operators, ensuring a competitive market with top-notch mobile betting experiences.

Casino and Sportsbook Partnerships

Discover the strategic alliances between New Jersey's professional sports teams and leading sportsbooks. From the New York Giants' collaboration with DraftKings to the New Jersey Devils' partnership with PlayUp, these alliances enhance the betting landscape in the state.

Betting Education and Resources

How to Place a Bet in New Jersey

Step into the world of New Jersey sports betting with our easy guide. From selecting a sportsbook to placing your first bet, we cover all the essentials for a seamless betting experience.

New Jersey Sports Betting Rules

Familiarize yourself with the state-wide betting regulations in New Jersey, including age requirements, location restrictions, and rules on college sports betting.

Tips for Responsible Betting

Embark on your betting journey with confidence by exploring our tips for responsible betting, including understanding odds, managing your bankroll, and avoiding common betting pitfalls.

Comparing New Jersey's Sports Betting Market

Evaluate how New Jersey's sports betting offerings stack up against other states with our comprehensive report card, considering factors like mobile betting options, pricing fairness, and market diversity.

‍New Jersey's sports betting scene is a dynamic and evolving landscape, offering a wealth of opportunities for both novice and seasoned bettors. With a focus on responsible gambling and an array of betting options, the Garden State sets the standard for sports betting in the U.S. Stay updated with the latest offers, rules, and betting tips to make the most of your sports betting experience in New Jersey.
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