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Updated March 1, 2024

As of March 2, 2024, the journey towards the legalization of sports betting in Texas has been long and fraught with legislative challenges. Despite initial attempts five years ago, progress has been slow, with recent discussions indicating potential movement towards legalization by 2024 or 2025. The path to this point has been marked by various legislative efforts, public debates, and the unwavering interest of sports enthusiasts across the state.

Texas Sports Betting Legalization Timeline

April 3, 2023:
House Committee in Texas discusses two new proposals aimed at advancing sports betting, signaling ongoing deliberations with no immediate resolution in sight for legalization.

February 6, 2023:
Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Representative Jeff Leach spearhead the introduction of four significant bills (SB 715, SJR 39, HB 1942, HJR 102) advocating for online sports betting, backed by the robust support of the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, marking a pivotal moment for sports betting advocacy in 2023.

May 31, 2021:
Despite earlier efforts, Texas sees the demise of all sports and casino-related bills as they fail to secure votes or hearings before the legislative session concludes, marking a significant setback in the legalization movement.

April 14, 2021:
Las Vegas Sands embarks on an ambitious advertising campaign to rally public support behind House Joint Resolution 133, aiming to influence legislative approval by highlighting the potential benefits of this bill.

March 9, 2021:
A momentous bipartisan initiative emerges with the introduction of House Joint Resolution 133, proposing the establishment of four casinos in Texas, contingent upon a two-thirds legislative vote and subsequent voter approval, indicating a strategic move towards altering the state's gaming landscape.

February 23, 2021:
Representative Dan Huberty steps forward with legislative proposals (House Bill 2070 and House Joint Resolution 97), introducing sports betting and a constitutional amendment, stirring excitement among sports enthusiasts and signaling a bipartisan push for change.

February 9, 2021:
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick publicly expresses opposition to legalized sports betting and gambling, asserting that such proposals are unlikely to advance in Texas, casting a shadow over legislative prospects during an interview on the Chad Hasty Show.

February 8, 2021:
The formation of the Sports Betting Alliance, comprising prominent Texas sports teams and major betting platforms (BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel), showcases a united front aiming to pressure lawmakers into legalizing sports betting, signifying a collaborative effort to transform Texas' betting landscape.

January 14, 2021:
Representative Harold Dutton takes a proactive step by introducing Bill 1121 to the Texas House, laying the groundwork for legislative consideration and marking the beginning of a renewed push for sports betting legalization within the state.

The Evolution of Sports Betting Legislation in Texas

Texas' legislative history with sports betting began earnestly five years ago when the first bill aimed at legalizing sports betting was introduced.

However, this early effort did not gain the necessary traction within the legislative corridors. In the years that followed, the topic of legalizing sports betting has seen periodic resurgence, with several bills introduced but none successfully passing through the legislative process.

In recent years, discussions around sports betting have intensified, with proponents arguing for the economic benefits and increased regulation it would bring.

Despite these efforts, resistance within the state legislature has remained a significant barrier. However, the introduction of new gambling bills and the growing support from various stakeholders have sparked hope that Texas may soon join the growing list of states embracing sports betting.

Current Status and Future Prospects of Sports Betting Legalization

As Texas stands on the precipice of potentially historic legislative change, the current status of sports betting remains one of anticipation and preparation.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), legal within the state, has served as a placeholder for Texans eager to engage in sports betting.

Platforms like PrizePicks have gained popularity, offering sports enthusiasts a way to participate in the excitement of sports predictions, with enticing offers such as a $100 deposit bonus for new users.

The prospect of legal sports betting in Texas not only promises to revolutionize the sports entertainment landscape but also to introduce a regulated and economically beneficial industry. With proposed legislation and the backing of influential groups like the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, the path towards legalization appears more promising than ever.

Navigating the Interim with DFS and Social Casinos

In the absence of legal sports betting, Texans have turned to DFS and social casinos as alternative avenues for sports engagement and entertainment. These platforms have provided a legal and enjoyable means for sports fans to stay connected to their favorite games and teams while awaiting the legalization of sports betting.

From engaging in fantasy drafts on Underdog Fantasy to participating in social casino games on Pulsz and High 5 Casino, Texans have embraced these alternatives with enthusiasm.

Looking Ahead: The Impact of Potential Legalization

The potential legalization of sports betting in Texas represents a significant shift in the state's approach to gambling and sports entertainment.

Beyond the immediate excitement among sports fans, legalization promises to bring substantial economic benefits, including increased revenue from tourism and gaming taxes.

Moreover, it would place Texas at the forefront of the evolving sports betting industry in the United States, setting a precedent for regulation, innovation, and economic growth.

As Texas continues to navigate the complexities of sports betting legislation, the anticipation among sports enthusiasts and stakeholders remains high.

The journey towards legalization, while challenging, reflects a broader national trend towards embracing sports betting as a regulated and valued component of the sports and entertainment industry.
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